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Everything you need to know about Tinnitus

Everything you need to know about Tinnitus
Everything you need to know about Tinnitus

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If you have not heard of the word Tinnitus, your ears are perfectly alright! That does not mean you should not know what it is all together. It is always safe to be educated rather than be in ignorance of it. Tinnitus is the medical name given to the slight buzz or constant ringing in your ears. The sound isn’t heard by anyone except for the person who has Tinnitus. If you were to experience this symptom, you might have to pay a visit to any one of the nearest Hearing Aid Shops in Chennai. Let us now look at the treatment and diagnosis for Tinnitus.

The initial challenge that most audiologists would have is diagnosing Tinnitus. Unlike other health issues, this one arises out of multiple factors. The nature of the symptom varies from person to person. One may hear a click while another may hear a hiss.   

What causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a sign that something is not proper in the auditory system. It may also mean that the brain has a little difficulty in processing the sound received by it. The causes can be as insignificant as an ear wax build-up but may also arise due to other health conditions. If it becomes uncomfortable, you can get a Hearing aid machine in Chennai at the advice of your Audiologist.

Those who are exposed to prolong noisy environments are highly prone to Tinnitus. The general hiss and grind in the factory can damage sensitive cells inside the ears that are responsible for sound transmission. 

On the rarest of occasions, some people might experience what is called Pulsatile Tinnitus. It is categorized by the sound in the person’s ear that beats rhythmically, usually in sync with the pulse. Any problems in the blood flow near the neck or the head may be causing this type of Tinnitus. It can also be due to other serious factors like a brain tumor.

Tests for Tinnitus

Once the diagnosis is arrived at by eliminating all the medical conditions, your audiologist would carry out a series of tests to assess which treatment would be effective for you.

  • Loudness Test – To gauge the decibel at which one can hear sound.
  • Visual Analog Test – This test will assess the perceived loudness of the sound which you hear. Generally, people with Tinnitus will hear the sound louder than the decibel range that it is played.
  • Pitch-match Test – To effectively calibrate the pitch of your hearing to the external sounds.

Treatments for Tinnitus

Tinnitus treatments vary with the nature and the extent of the symptom. Some people can feel much better after a short procedure while others have to take elaborate steps to combat Tinnitus.

1 – Earwax Removal

The simplest way to decrease Tinnitus symptoms is to remove earwax. The build-up of earwax inside the canal can cause such disturbances in the smooth passage of air and it can cause a loud buzz or hiss in the ear.

2 – Hearing Aids

The person who is experiencing this issue can visit any one of the Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai on Doctor’s orders. It will reduce their uneasiness.

3 – Noise Supression machines

Sometimes, Tinnitus cannot be cured altogether but, it can make the symptoms invisible. Some devices emit a soft sound to counteract the ringing arising because of Tinnitus.  

Sometimes, Tinnitus can be mentally tiring with the constant hissing in the ears. But, a visit to your nearest Audiologist can be of great help if you are experiencing this problem. 

You can get a suitable device to cope with Tinnitus at Adro Hearing Aid. Our Hearing aid price in Chennai is very affordable than most of the hearing aid centers. 


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