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What must you do to keep your ears healthy?

What must you do to keep your ears healthy?
What must you do to keep your ears healthy?

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What would you do if you cannot listen to your favorite music anymore? How would you feel if you had to raise your voice in public—and ask the person talking to repeat what he said?  It sounds embarrassing and horrifying at the same time. 

Hearing loss is prevalent worldwide. They may arise out of medical deficiency. However, they may also occur due to trivial issues—that seem harmless at the time such as loud noises and improper maintenance. Hence, most people end up in a Hearing aid centre in Chennai

So, here are some things you must do to keep your ears healthy.

1 – Earplug when necessary

A research paper suggests that over 39% of the industry workers suffered a sensorineural hearing loss caused due to loud noises. Even if you cannot avoid loud noises altogether, take preventive measures. Use earplugs whenever you are in a loud environment. You are prone to loud noises other than in an industrial setting. You can get a comfortable earplug from any one of the Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai. It will help in reducing the sound waves that hit the eardrums. Thus, minimizing the damage out of loud noises. 

2 – Your ears also need rest

It is difficult not to go to a place with intolerable noise. Be that as it may, you need to give appropriate rest to your ears to revitalize themselves after exposure to loud noises. The best Audiologist in Chennai recommends at least 15 hours of serenity once you return from a loud concert or a movie show.

3 – Keep the volume low 

If you listen to music or binge-watch TV shows at high volumes, stop it now! World Health Organization says more than 10 billion teenagers and young adults globally are likely to be affected by such practices. Earphones can directly impact the eardrums. So switch to headphones that are much safer than in-ear-type audio devices.

4 – Strict ‘No!’ to cotton buds

You need to clean your ears regularly but not with a cotton swab. You risk damaging delicate parts inside your ears. Whenever you find earwax build-up, it is not advisable to clean it. However, a certain level of earwax is essential in protecting the ears from dust and other harmful micro-organisms. If you need to need to clean, use the proper cleaning solution to remove excessive earwax.

5 – Avoid ‘Swimmer’s ears’ 

Do not leave any moisture in your ears. This situation is common while after you have a warm bath or a lap of swimming. When your ears are not dry, they can cause an infection called a swimmer’s ears. It is threatening to your hearing if left unchecked. Clean the ears with a towel properly. Gently push out the water by tilting your head sideways. 

6 – Keep your stress level in check 

Yes. Your stress can lead to tinnitus. It is a constant ringing in your ears that can be very disturbing. While your body is stressed, more pressure is put on all the nerves and body parts. This pressure can go up to the inner ear and cause tinnitus. If you get any of its symptoms, consult an audiologist right away. A hearing aid can reduce the tinnitus effect. Tinnitus masking Hearing aid price in Chennai is very much affordable.   

Ensure you follow all these steps to avoid wearing a hearing aid. Do not let it come to that. 

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