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  • Pallavaram + 91 9940068405, Velachery + 91 99622 67333, Purasawalkam + 91 91767 19494 , Porur +91-7550028064, W-Tambaram +91-91767 78660


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    BETTER HEARING BETTER LIVINGBest Clinical Facilities for Hearing related diagnosticsLearn More
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    in Chennai & NelloreOur Friendly Staff are equipped to solve all your needs.Learn More
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    Hearing Professionals

    That you can trustOur professionals are trained and equipped with modern technologies to cater your needs Free House Trial | Appointment
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    Free Hearing Check Up For Senior Citizens

    June 01st To June 30thManage Your Hearing Loss And Enjoy Life Again!!!Book Appointment Now

About Us

We have decades of experience in assuring High quality services and provide customers the best solution. We provide friendly atmosphere that helps to choosing a better hearing solution.

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Wide range of Solutions

We offer wide range of hearing aids, hearing solutions and hearing care services. Our customer service is exceptional in helping you to select the best of its kind listening devices.

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Advanced Instruments

We take pride in offering the latest hearing equipment that are best in performance and reliability. We aim to give you seamless listening experience backed up by professionaly trained team.

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Our concept is, Better hearing, Better living.

Know about Digital Hearing Aids

A revolution in the world of Hearing Aids.

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Our Facilities

We are equipped with following facilities:

accordion-baby Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) is a test measuring responses in the brain waves that are stimulated by a clicking sound to check the central auditory pathways(hearing) of the brainstem

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accordion-babyAn earmould is a device inserted into the ear for sound conduction or ear protection. Earmoulds are anatomically shaped and can be produced in different sizes for general use or specially cast from particular ear forms.

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accordion-baby If your hearing aid isn’t working properly or needs repair, Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Many times, these old or broken hearing aids only need a small repair or reprogramming and they’ll work as good as new. Bring it into any of ADRO’s location

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accordion-babyThe primary purpose of impedance audiometry is to determine the status of the tympanic membrane and the middle ear. It is also otherwise known as Tympanometry or acoustic immittance test. The secondary purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the acoustic reflex pathway which include the 7th and 8th cranial nerves and the brain stem. This test should not be used to assess the sensitivity of hearing and the results of this test should always be viewed in conjunction with the results of pure tone audiogram

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accordion-babyOtoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are sounds given off by the inner ear when the cochlea is stimulated by a sound. When sound stimulates the cochlea, the outer hair cells vibrate. The vibration produces a nearly inaudible sound that echoes back into the middle ear. The sound can be measured with a small probe inserted into the ear canal.

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accordion-babyPure tone audiometry is a test is to get a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the patients hearing. The frequency range tested is 125 Hz to 8000 Hz.

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Other Tests like Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential,Electrocochleography, Tinnitus retraining therapy,Special Test

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Latest News from ADRO Hearingaid

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai is basically used for all kinds of hearing losses from low to high, they come in different styles and standards. Most of the hearing aids act as multi directional microphone system for understanding the speech in different situations. Our team members also assist you, how to buy right kind of hearing aids after testing. Hearing test includes pure tone air conduction audiometry, pure tone bone conduction audiometry, Tympanogram, speech as audiometry and etc. Our hearing test clinic is referred as one stop place for hearing assistance.

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#102, G.S.T Road, No:2A, Ist Floor
Pallavaram, Chennai–600 043.
Landmark – near Hotel Blue Nile, above Mazak Motors
Call No: + 91 – 9940068405
Phone No: + 91 – 44 – 22642241


# 322 (47-B), First Floor
Velachery Main Road
Velachery, Chennai – 600 042.
Landmark – opposite Ceebros Apartments
Call No: + 91 – 99622 67333
Phone No: + 91 – 44 – 22451090


Waikiki Complex,
42 & 43, ‘B’ Block,
#289,Purasawalkam High Road,
Purasawalkam, Chennai – 600 007.
Landmark – opp. Saravana Stores.
Call No: + 91 – 91767 19494
Phone No: + 91 – 44 – 4359 9494


Shop No. 12, Ground Floor,
Subham Square,1st Main Road,
Karambakkam, Porur, Chennai – 116.
Landmark – near Hotel Le Palace, Porur
Call No: + 91 – 7550028064
Phone No: + 91 – 44 – 24768064

West Tambaram

Shop No.7/3, First Floor,
Muthulinga Reddy Street,
West Tambaram,
Chennai-600 045.
Landmark – vidhya Theatre.
Call No: +91- 9176778660
Phone No: +91- 44- 2226 2959

Adro Hearing Aid
Coming Soon At Tirunelveli & Salem !!!