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Common hearing tests to check if you have a hearing problem

Common hearing tests to check if you have a hearing problem
Common hearing tests to check if you have a hearing problem

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Common hearing test

Does everything feel muffled all of a sudden? Do you think you cannot hear what the other person (shouting at the top of their voice) says to you? These are some of the signs that show you may have a hearing problem. But, not all is critical. So, a consultation with an Audiologist in Chennai would make things clear for you. The audiologist will go through common hearing tests to check if you have a hearing problem. 

Most people would be initially terrified when all voices go low inside their ears. They would assume it to be a hearing problem, only later to find out that it was just the cold weather to blame for the muffled sounds. Therefore, the hearing tests will properly diagnose any problems and the extent of them.

When is hearing considered lost?

There is a generally accepted threshold that will show the effect of hearing loss on a person. Anything above the normal rate would need a visit to any one of the nearest Hearing Aid Shops in Chennai to rectify or mitigate the condition.

  • 0 to 25 dB – Hearing is normal 
  • 26 to 40 dB – Mild hearing impairment 
  • 41 to 70 dB – Moderate Hearing loss 
  • 71 to 90 dB – Severe Hearing loss 
  • 91 dB or above – Significant hearing loss 

Hearing Tests

1 – Tone Testing

This test is the most basic of all the hearing tests done in the Hearing aid centre in Chennai. Sounds varying in pitch and decibel is played for you. Sometimes, you may perceive sound to be louder than it is—or you would not hear it altogether. The audiologist records everything and judges the hearing ability at the end of it.

2 – Speech Test

If the other person’s speech is inaudible to you, the audiologist proceeds with this test. You would listen to recorded conversations on the speaker. Here the speech recognition threshold is gauged based on the results. It will reveal how far low you can go before you begin to lose clarity in the speech. This test might be conducted either in silence or by stimulating a noisy background. Therefore, your ability to distinguish speech and disturbances is analyzed. If the doctor needs intervention, they might direct you to any one of the Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai to get a hearing aid.

3 – Auditory Brainstem Response

Mostly ABR is done to test the hearing of a child. However, they help assess for any particular cause of hearing loss—stemming from problems in the nerves responsible for hearing. The brain activity is noticed while the person responds to the sound being played.   

4 – Tympanometry

This test examines how well the middle ear responds to changes in air pressure. It will bring to light any defects in the tympanic membrane. The free movement of the air inside the ear canal can suggest that there is no build-up of wax or fluids and that there is nothing to hinder the conductivity of the sound.

The audiologist would recommend hearing aids depending upon the severity of the condition. If you need hearing assistance, then Adro Hearing Aid is your best choice. Our Hearing aid price in Chennai is very affordable when compared to other dealers. We guarantee that you will feel at ease with our support.

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