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Hearing Loss / Deafness

As we progress in our life, we may start to experience health problems more frequently. Of all the problems,  Hearing is very common amongst all age groups. The extent of the impairment may vary depending upon the cause. However, there is no need for worry because everything is treatable. Thanks to the latest developments in the medical field that has made everyone’s lives more easy and comfortable. Irrespective of the issue, and its nature, there is always a way to treat them.

Ensure you treat your hearing issues before they become significant.

People who have crossed thirty years of age are more prone to get moderate hearing problems. Though we may choose a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later, we all get to experience issues with our hearing. The healthy ones tend to be less affected. With modern technologies on the rise—and as irony would have it, they are both the cause and the treatment for such problems.

But put all your worries to rest. Adro Hearing Aid, a hearing aid centre in Chennai has everything needed to treat your ailment quicker than most of the other brands in existence. We use state-of-the-art technology to enable accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. It is no wonder that modern inventions have replaced our everyday lives.

The same can be said of this industry. Recent improvements in the design and features of hearing aid have contributed to the comfort of so many people across the globe. Moreover, it has made it possible to manufacture the devices at an affordable cost. Adro Hearing Aid Centre in Chennai focuses primarily on providing the best hearing solutions. So, if you need our assistance, feel free to book an appointment with us.

How can you identify Hearing Loss Problems?

The experts at ADRO hearing aid take all the necessary tests to diagnose and properly treat the problem persisting in both children and adults. It is always advisable to stay alert about your well-being in general. If in case you start noticing a slight discomfort with your hearing, never dither from consulting the nearest audiologist in Chennai.

Detecting such issues at an early stage will make it easy for the doctors to treat. It also becomes less costly for you since you may not have to go through elaborate procedures.

Adro Hearing Aid has a unique proportion when it comes to our services. We have introduced a HOUSE TRIAL – where you could get the Free Hearing Loss check-up at your doorstep*. (click here)

Hearing is very essential as it accompanies the rest of the functions of our body. Only when we hear things, we can know what it is or who it is, and what they are saying. Therefore, our ears need to be in proper shape to enable listening so as to do the work. If you think your listening is not up to the mark, then you may consult our trained Hearing Aid Professional to help you put your life back on its feet.

From our long line of patients, the common problem that people talk about is: “I am able to listen to normal voices but I cannot hear the dialogues on the TV or the phone conversations. It is very difficult as I keep telling the other person to repeat themselves. The professionals at Adro Hearing Aid have made significant research into this field and improved the standards a lot. Therefore, we are able to treat such issues with our highly advanced hearing aid technology.

How to diagnose deafness?

A Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) is conducted for all age groups. We play sounds of varying frequencies and pitch levels to identify the lowest point at which the person can hear the sound and its frequency. PTA tends to be more precise and effective in identifying hearing issues.

We carry out an Otoacoustic emission (OAE) to diagnose hearing loss in newborn babies and children. This test uses a probe to detect weak emissions of the ear. If the results fall under allowable levels, we can come to the conclusion that there is no significant hearing loss in the baby.

Sometimes, we do an elaborate diagnosis procedure known as Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry. In this test, we insert electrodes into the scalp and record the brain activity, while the baby is made to listen to recordings via a headphone.

The baby preferably needs to take a nap during the test or make little movements as possible for an accurate reading. Another test called ASSR can give great insight into the child’s hearing capacity. We have an excellent team of ENT Surgeons and Audiologists to diagnose and treat both children and adults to ensure a full recovery.