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Hearing Loss / Deafness

Difficulty in hearing is a not so uncommon problem that we all need to know more about. It can affect us at any age from birth till old age and good news is that it is a totally treatable condition.
Whatever maybe the cause and severity of deafness, modern medicine and technology can restore our hearing back to normal !!

Be aware of Hearing Loss before it happens

Once we cross thirty years of age chances to encounter severe hearing loss is quite high. As long as we live a normal life we might not land up with hearing problem. In modern world, where technology is playing a vital role tends to CAUSE as well as HELPS us to recover from hearing disability. Nothing to worry, you can find required solutions for it from one of the leading hearing aid centre in Chennai called as  “ADRO Hearing Center”. We use the best equipment’s in industry in order to provide ultimate comfort for our customers in the process of diagnosis & recovery from Hearing Loss. Technology has changed every individual’s life style. In Hearing Industry, recent technologies have contributed tremendous innovations in providing a better hearing sense at an affordable cost. We at ADRO hearing aid center provide you the recent technologies at your door step. Our prime focus is to provide the best solution for Hearing Loss. Hence contact our nearest Hearing Aid Centre & book an appointment today.

How to recognize Hearing Loss?

We at ADRO Hearing aid center perform all kinds of hearing test for both children and adult of all ages. Whenever you feel deterioration in your hearing levels do not hesitate to undergo an immediate hearing loss checkup. Sorting out hearing issues in an early stage is always easy, cost effective and predominantly advisable. At any juncture, we at ADRO are ready to fix the problem. To distinguish ourselves from other Hearing aid centres we have implemented FREE HOUSE TRIAL – where you could avail Free Hearing Loss check up at your door step*. (click here)

Hearing is one of the major functionality in human body that helps us to react for every input. This has to be kept safe and once you feel insecure then contact our highly trained Hearing Aid Professional to make you get rid of this deafness.

A common problem that we gaze from our patients is as follows: I could hear normal sounds but hearing dialogues on TV and conversation through mobile or telephone is too difficult. Our team along with our principals have made an extensive research and found great success in fixing these issues using higher channelized hearing aids.

How does one diagnose deafness?
In adults and older children, we do a simple hearing test called Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA). This involves playing sounds of different frequencies at varying levels and identifying the minimum level at which one could detect the sound at the specific frequency being tested. This is a very accurate and reliable test in most situations.In new born babies and small children, we can do a test called Oto acoustic emissions (OAE) which involves detection of very weak emissions coming from the normal ear using a probe inside the ear canal. If normal, this test usually rules out any hearing loss in the child.
More detailed hearing assessment is carried out typically in children using a test called BERA – Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry. This involves sending sound signals into the ears through head phones and recording brain wave activity using electrodes placed on the scalp. The child needs to sleep or stay very still during the test. Alongwith a similar test called ASSR, this test can give us a very reliable estimate of the child’s hearing levels. All these tests are carried out by a team of ENT Surgeons and Audiologists, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in children and adults.

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