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Siemens Products

Siemens Hearing Aid Dealers in Chennai

When a person is suffering from a hearing impairment, Siemens / Signia hearing devices will provide the person with a better lifestyle and steadily enhance listening capacity. Adro Hearing Aid brings you the best Hearing aid machine in Chennai that can significantly revamp your life by making you hear better. We know what it is like to lose the natural hearing capacity and therefore, all our efforts are driven to give you the best possible solutions to alleviate all the trouble that you face because of the hearing problem.


The design of the hearing aid device is suitable for everyone irrespective of their age group. Modifications can also be made to fit specific requirements of the wearer. The device is very slender and has all the essential hardware built inside it in such a way that it weighs less and is comfortable to wear. Adro Hearing Aid, one of the reputed Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai have a wide range of Hearing Aid devices with varying technologies. Apart from all conventional models, they have trendy ones also.


Portability is a major advantage that you get when you buy our hearing aids. It is very compact and would fit in the palm of your hands. You would get up to a maximum of 20 hours when charged for around three hours. The size and the battery capacity of the hearing device allow you to carry it wherever you want. 


Our hearing aids performance will definitely exceed your expectations. It comes with all the latest developments and conforms to the quality standards of the industry. For instance, whenever you are in a meeting with your team, you can stream the audio directly to the hearing device. It is just one of the many features of buying hearing aid devices from reputed Hearing Aid Shops in Chennai

At our Hearing aid centre in Chennai we provide a wide range of hearing aid devices like trimmer and analog hearing aid devices. The price of the latter can vary anywhere from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 17,000. The trimmer type costs approximately Rs. 9,000. However, it may also go up to Rs. 16,000. The Hearing aid price in Chennai from Adro Hearing Aid starts from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. The Siemens / Signia hearing device from us will provide you with excellent sound quality and make your hearing efficient.


Siemens hearing aid dealers in chennai

Why do you need Siemens:

  1. This service is in line with all Siemens / Signia products.

  2. Intelligent: This service integrates the whole manufacturing process.

  3. Customized: The services provided here are tailored to the needs of machine manufacturers and plant operators.

Support and services:

The best Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai will provide comprehensive and exceptional services that are properly tailored to the    products that you buy from us. Before the final output, we thoroughly inspect the complete manufacturing process. With our sound  technical knowledge, we can rectify and repair spare components, in support and services.

 Siemens Hearing Aid features:

    1. OVP (Own Voice Processing)

It provides a natural voice and helps you in distinguishing the background noise as well.

     2. 3D classifier:

The hearing aid responds to the wearer’s needs by analyzing multidimensional information from the wearer’s voice activity.

    3. Sound clarity:

The sound clarity will not be compromised in any kind of situation that the wearer might face in terms of the external environment.

    4. Speech quality:

      The hearing device will receive the speech of the other person and render it to you in a crystal clear quality.

For all these the performance level range starts from 3Nx and ends from 7Nx.


Connectivity: Direct streaming

Signia Nx hearing aids directly connect to smartphones and TVs for high-quality audio streaming of phone calls, music, and TV with low battery consumption.

Signia Nx hearing aid wearers can contact our Audiologist in Chennai at any time remotely and get their problems solved in real time with full live remote tuning.

Avail the latest premium hearing aid product from Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai to improve your hearing and speech.


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