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Siemens Products

Siemens Hearing Aid Dealers in Chennai

When a person have a hearing problem, Siemens / Signia gives them natural listening skills. By using this, we can improve our hearing skills and we can hear the original voice of the person.


It is designed in slim and differential manner which is created for the people who are unable to hear the sounds of nature. It has different options and size in Siemens hearing aids in Chennai. It looks like a trending wear with three stylish colors.


It is very portable and it can be carried from one place to another very easily. It should be charged for 3 hours and it usable up to 19 hours.


If we are in team meeting, business calls, presenting a presentation Siemens / Signia hearing aids helps to hear with audio streaming.

In Hearing aid centre in Chennai we offer analog hearing aid, trimmer digital hearing aid, digital hearing aid which all hearing aids has different price rates. Analog hearing aid price ranges from 6500 to 17500. The trimmer digital hearing aid cost starts from 9000 and it sells up to the range 16000. The Hearing aid price in Chennai from Adro Hearing Aid begins from 17000 to 3, 00,000. Siemens / Signia hearing aid gives the best sound services in Chennai.

Siemens hearing aid dealers in chennai

Three good reasons for technology-based service from Siemens:

  1. Integrated: This services is perfectly matched to Siemens / Signia products
  2. Intelligent: In this services the entire production process in an integrated manner
  3. Customized: Services here are matched with machine builders’ and plant operators’ demands.

Siemens / Signia hearing aids in Chennai offers both industry and market-specific services

Support and services: We offer integrated and intelligent services that are perfectly tuned to our products and check the entire production process in an integrated manner. By technical support we can repair the spare parts.



  1. OVP(Own voice processing):

It provides the natural sounding voice combined with optimal hearing of other sounds.

  1. 3D classifier:

The hearing aid’s precise response to wearer’s the needs by analyzing multidimensional information from the wearer’s voice activity.

  1. Sound clarity:

It covers the full spectrum of wearing situations for an exceptionally clear sound experience.

  1. Speech quality:
          It delivers the superior speech in understanding the noise.

For all these the performance level range start from 3Nx and ends from 7Nx.

Connectivity: Direct streaming

Signia Nx hearing aids directly connects to smartphones and TVs for high-quality audio streaming of phone calls, music, and TV with low battery consumption.

Signia Nx hearing aid wearers can contact their hearing care professional in any time remotely and get their problems solved in real time with full live remote tuning.

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