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Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss: Symptoms and Causes

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Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss: Symptoms and Causes
Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss: Symptoms and Causes

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Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss:

Most people choose to ignore any signs of trouble in their ears—until it becomes significant. They would only realize the severity of it when their close ones abruptly point it out. One of the overlooked hearing impairments is Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL). It can happen just like that or slowly over the week.

In this post, we will look more into Sudden Sensorineural hearing loss: Symptoms and causes. This problem is most likely to cause a hearing problem in one ear, unlike regular hearing loss. In that case, consult an Audiologist in Chennai as it is an issue that you need to solve right away. Any unwanted delays would only cause the treatment to be ineffective.

What is SSHL?

Anyone within the range of 40-60 years of age is likely to have SSHL. Studies show that every one person out of five thousand suffers due to Sensorineural hearing loss. This condition may occur suddenly, without any warning. Yet, there are some cases where the hearing reduces over a period, generally a week. In scientific terms, the decibel (loudness) of a speech measures around 60 dB while a whisper is 30 dB. A person with SSHL loses half of his hearing. Therefore, the normal speech of 60 dB will come down to a whisper. The sounds get muffled to the person with this condition. You might need to visit a Hearing aid centre in Chennai for further assistance in such cases.

Symptoms of Sensorineural hearing loss

The symptoms may not always be noticeable. Some may feel that the other person’s voice is very barely audible. It would be too clouded with the background noise, and nothing is clear to them. Otherwise, the person would observe discomfort in the ear in question. It will be in the form of sudden dizziness or ringing as in Tinnitus.

Causes of SSHL

Sensorineural Hearing Loss is not the typical hearing issue. Usually, there is no specific cause for this condition. The chances of associating it with a cause are only 10%. However, some potential issues may lead to SSHL.

  • Infections in the inner ear
  • Cogan syndrome, a disorder in the immunity system
  • Medications that might affect hearing (ototoxic drugs)
  • Tumors
  • Constant exposure to loud environments
  • Any issues with blood circulation or in the blood vessel
  • Age factor

 How is this condition diagnosed and treated?

The first step is generally the one where the Audiologist collects family history and allergies. It would include your current intake of drugs for any other ailments. They may rule out some cases to zero in on a singular cause of the problem. Once all the initial diagnosis is made, a series of tests are conducted. It will reveal any issues with the inner ear, the ear canal, and the connecting nerves.

With these tests, the audiologist will be able to identify the extent of the problem and suggest measures to alleviate it. Usually, the doctor may direct you to buy a Hearing aid machine in Chennai. In some cases, steroids may be administered to reduce the swelling in the ear tissue and make the person feel more comfortable.

Proper treatment at the earliest will help solve the issue with ease. Visit Adro Hearing Aid, one of the best Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai for consultation and hearing assistance devices. 

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