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RIC vs BTE Hearing Aid: What’s Best For You?

RIC vs BTE Hearing Aid: What’s Best For You?
RIC vs BTE Hearing Aid: What’s Best For You?

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RIC vs BTE Hearing Aid: 

Selecting a hearing aid for you can be quite an arduous task. The choices are many and most of them doubt the fit of a particular model. In such cases, there is a need to understand the types, and then proceed with the decision. It could simplify your task to a great extent. You can also take the help of an expert in the hearing aid centre in Chennai. This post compares RIC vs BTE hearing aid and helps you choose what’s best for you.

What is similar between RIC and BTE devices?

Before we begin to list out the differences, let us look at the commonality between these devices. Both of the models would have a case inside which all the components rest. This case is generally placed behind the ear for both models. It is the very first similarity you would observe between these two devices.

The earpiece is present in both models which are connected to the hearing devices with an ear-hook, wire, or a tube. 

Both devices are capable of functioning in the modern world. They come with all the latest improvements for a seamless user experience. RIC and BTE models have a wide range of features like Tinnitus relief, streaming, and rechargeable. Therefore, this information would help you while you purchase a hearing aid machine in Chennai.

RIC vs BTE devices: The differences

You may be able to find some variations other than what is shared here. But, these are the major point of difference between RIC and BTE devices.

Location of the speaker

The placement of the receiver differs between these two models. In the BTE devices, the speaker is fitted with other components inside the cases. However, in the RIC hearing aids, it is at the end of a wire that is connected with the case. The receiver is then encompassed with a custom earmold inside the ear canal.

Size of the device 

Generally, the BTE devices would have a larger casing because it needs to hold all the units within the case. But, this would have been true some time back since the bulky appearance of this hearing aid is steadily disappearing. You are more likely to find elegant and user-friendly devices at most of the hearing aid shops in Chennai

Amplification of sound 

Because of the broad shape of the BTE devices, they can easily fit the large batteries and the amplifiers inside them. These hearing aids are capable of enhancing the sounds—both low and high frequencies with ease. RIC hearing aids can perform satisfactorily but are not as good as the BTE devices. 

RIC vs BTE devices: What to choose?  

The choice of hearing aid varies based on your lifestyle. Here are some common situations that you might be in and the desired hearing aid style.

High exposure to outdoor activities    

If you are more of an active person who is outdoor most of the time, BTE is your best choice. Since there will be a lot of dust and sweat, this style will easily allow you to clean them as they can be taken off the hook, and you can also remove the earmold with ease.

Constant interaction with people  

If your day involves talking to numerous people, then RIC will be the right fit for you. It will suit such situations because it is almost invisible. So, it is the go-to choice for people conscious about their hearing aid device.

No matter what style you choose to buy, get it from the best siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai. They would help you decide with clarity on the right choice of hearing aids for you. 

Visit Adro Hearing Aid to get affordable devices of excellent quality. Our hearing aid price in Chennai is relatively economical than other providers. 

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