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5 Common Problems Hearing aid Users face

5 Common Problems Hearing aid Users face
5 Common Problems Hearing aid Users face

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5 Common Problems Hearing aid Users face

The hearing aid is the device specially designed for deaf persons. A small electronic device that helps to hear the sounds and speech. It can be worn behind the ear. The hearing aid is designed with basic components like battery, microphone, signal conditioner that connects the receiver and the speaker. The sound waves are converted into a microphone into the electrical signal. That electrical signal is directly sent to the speaker. This produces a premium quality sound solution to the hearing person. Are you searching for a Hearing aid centre in Chennai? Now, we are going to see the 5 common problems faced by hearing aid users.


Hearing aid contains small batteries which mean you should take extra care. Always carry an extra pair of battery with you and keep an eye on the battery positions. Switch off the batteries when not in use without fail.

  1. EAR WAX

Excessive earwax problem is faced by many of the hearing aid customers. It causes the blockage in microphone, speaker and other parts of the hearing aid. After removing the hearing aid clean the ear mould or bud with clean wipe. You can buy the advanced hearing aid with the Protective coating layer at hearing aid shops in Chennai


Hearing aids are designed with some special features. When the power is on the battery door should be closed. If the batteries are not placed properly, then the door won’t close. Earwax also causes a problem with the sound system.

If you notice any color change in hearing aid dome, then likely you have to change the ear dome. It produces a bad quality of sound.


A common problem with the hearing aid is wet. When you accidentally wear the hearing aid during the shower, rainy days, your sweat and that cause damage to your hearing aid device. Place the devices in room temperature that absorbs the moisture. The latest model hearing aids are designed by Nano protective layer. Still, we suggest you take good care of hearing aids during the shower and seasonal days.


Hearing aid needs a lot of adjustment when you are on a phone call, watching television, in traffic signals, parties with loudspeakers, etc. Turn up the volume with the remote or directly on a wheel up/down. Now there are digitized you can adjust the volume with the help of the remote. But make sure the volume button is on.

Are you looking for the latest hearing aid? The advanced hearing aid machine in Chennai is available here.

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