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5 Latest Features you should know all about hearing aids

5 Latest Features you should know all about hearing aids
5 Latest Features you should know all about hearing aids

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Bluetooth Digital Hearing Aids

Technology has been progressing at a very fast pace and so the Digital Hearing Aid. Various companies are introducing Hearing aid with some amazing technology and also sharing their experience more positively. Some of them are beyond imagination, like having a conversation with the help of Bluetooth technology, it is also used as a health monitoring device and so on. Know your Hearing Aid price in Chennai and buy accordingly, so now we are giving you a detailed description of the latest features available in modern Bluetooth Digital Hearing Aid discovered by foremost companies.

5 Latest Features you should know all about?

1. Bluetooth Hearing Aids: 

                                                      The introduction of Bluetooth on Hearing Aid has taken this field to a whole new level where one can easily access their MP3 players, TV, Computers and also Car Cd players using this device but the object should be within 30 feet of distance. At first many devices in this model are introduced by iPhone then, later on, GN Resound collaborated with Google to launch the first Bluetooth Aid Hearing devices which can access our Android Phones also and the model is named as Resound Linx Quattro.

Streaming devices:

                      It is the one which is used before Bluetooth hearing Aids, where it acts as an interfacing device. It also connects the above devices by connecting them with connecting wire. For instance, Starkey and TV streamer 2 are some streaming devices created by Resound before Bluetooth invented.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Hearing Aids:

                            Artificial Intelligence made this Hearing aid device more advance and this plays a very important role and also Machine Learning. This both plays a critical role in all aspects of our life. Starkey is the one which invented this where the Livio AL is the first device to integrate both biosensors and Artificial intelligence. The features in this Livio Al will surely blow your mind which has the capability of computing calorie burning, physical activity, heart rate, and even Blood pressure. It also has a translate feature which on the day translates about 27 languages. Like set the language of yours and the opposite person’s through the thrive app and then it will take care of the next process by converting the language into text and displaying it at your device. 

3. Tele Audiology:

              Internet is used by humans across the country and every device at our home these days is connected through the Internet. Audiology has changed from face to face meetings online and fitting. You can prefer the best Audiologist in Chennai for more queries on this.

       Now the Tele Audiology has made many things possible without stepping outside the home. A New York based company offered it and the features are extremely amazing

  • It conducts Hearing loss test
  • Then selects suitable Hearing Aid
  • Preprogrammed Hearing Aid will be received 
  • Adjustments can be made according to user-friendly.

4. Rechargeable Hearing Aid:

            The introduction of Methanol refill makes this method of recharging the Hearing Aid possible. A small fuel cell fits into your device and then it reacts with air inside it to produce electric power. This only takes 20 seconds the power will be around 24 hours which is an amazing invention. Olden days our grandparents suffered a lot by changing batteries and now the technology makes everything possible.

5. Waterproof and Dustproof

                               All electricity-based items will get affected by dust and water so to avoid this Nano coating technology is invented in which it is safer underwater also, it is available in IP rating indicates rating in international standards such as IP 67 and IP 68. Here IP 67 will withstand water up to the depth of 1 meter till 30 minutes and it also protects 100% from dust. Likewise, IP 8 withstands at 1 meter about 60 minutes. 

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