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Hyperacusis: What Are They And How Are They Treated?

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Hyperacusis: What Are They And How Are They Treated?
Hyperacusis: What Are They And How Are They Treated?

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Have you ever heard of hyperacusis? It is also associated with a hearing problem which is often interchanged with tinnitus. Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder with sensitivity to loud noise or sound. In other words, you can say that people with hyperacusis are unbearable and constantly irritated by loud sounds. The audiologist in Chennai says that in recent research, hyperacusis patients started to feel extreme pain and frustration with even ordinary sounds. There is no evidence for the cause of hyperacusis to date. However, researchers have found that one of the reasons for this condition can be the alteration in the brain, which processes sound waves.

Hence, in this blog, we will examine hyperacusis – what they are and how they are treated briefly.

Basics On Brain Processing The Sound:

Before learning the treatment for hyperacusis, you should know the processing that happens in the brain when a sound enters. So, the brain processes the sound waves in several ways, like differentiating the sound pitches, identifying the location from where the sound comes, and decoding the meaning of the sentence and words. The other way around, the brain also processes sound in the context of memories or knowledge. For example, if you hear a bark sound, your brain recognizes and sends you the information that it comes from a dog. 

Hence, this is the primary operation of sound waves in the brain, and any alteration or changes in this process might cause hyperacusis. As said earlier, there is no acute reason or cause for this disorder, but relative treatment can significantly reduce the effect. The Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai are the best in providing hearing aids as per the disorders or medical conditions.

Relation Between Hyperacusis And Tinnitus:

A stigma is associated with hyperacusis and tinnitus, which are often interchangeably used. Tinnitus is a constant buzzing or ringing of sound, even without any external sound source. It is to be noted that tinnitus can be one of the symptoms of hyperacusis. But it is not necessary that individuals with hyperacusis should be affected by tinnitus. 

Causes Of Hyperacusis:

Here are some of the causes that might be one reason for hyperacusis. They are,

  • Constant exposure to loud sounds, infection or injury can cause ear damage.
  • Inner ear damage like Meniere’s disease
  • Neurological disorder
  • Psychological problems like PTSD or anxiety


The treatment for hyperacusis depends on the root cause. However, in this condition, as there is no acute reason, the remedy for this disorder is managing hyperacusis symptoms. 

The hearing aid is an effective solution for mild and moderate hyperacusis conditions as it can offer you great comfort. The hearing aid shops in Chennai are your right destination to get the suitable one as they provide the device with a sound reduction feature.Sound therapy, counselling, medications, and surgery are other options to reduce the hyperacusis impact. Adro Hearing Aid is your destination to avail the best hearing aid price in Chennai for any hearing loss.

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