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How Frequently Should You Take A Hearing Test?

How Frequently Should You Take A Hearing Test?
How Frequently Should You Take A Hearing Test?

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Everyone would remember the last time they visited a general physician for a health checkup. But, when was the last time anyone had a hearing test? Unless there is something wrong, nobody consults an audiologist in Chennai. This blog will outline a few key points on how frequently should you take a hearing test.

One study has found out that around 30% of people have gone without a hearing test for more than ten years. It may seem benign at first but it can shape up to be a bigger problem later on in life.

The importance of a hearing test

Hearing evaluations at regular intervals would be very helpful to remove deficiencies and problems in their earliest stage. Therefore, a person would be able to limit their expenses to a normal checkup rather than for major surgery.

But the most important reason is those hearing problems are almost invisible at the beginning and a person would have a hard time finding a concrete sign of a problem. Therefore, an expert will help to pinpoint any issues with hearing.

Frequency of hearing test  

The time frame varies from person to person and depends on whether they are already diagnosed with a hearing issue. No matter the nature of hearing loss, a person must get their hearing check every three years even though they do not take the test yearly.

Confirmed hearing loss 

If a person has a hearing loss as diagnosed in his previous test, then they must get a hearing test every 1 year. It is because hearing keeps changing and medical intervention is required to keep it in check. The doctor may prescribe a new hearing aid from one of the best Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai or otherwise advise continuing the same treatment process.

Individuals over 60 years of age  

Presbycusis is a common hearing loss due to old age. Around 1/3rd of the adults aged 60 – 70 have hearing loss. Hence, it is always better to get your hearing tested once every year to rule out any major problems.

Exposure to loud noises

People with long exposure to loud factory noises are at risk of contracting a hearing issue. Those in this category must visit the nearest audiologist every twelve months. It will facilitate the early detection of rupture in a major way due to prolonged loud noises. However, a person needs to check more frequently, say, once every six months to assess hearing.

Hearing aid users

The general review can be done once every year. But, intermittent consulting can also be done if there is some problem with the hearing aid. It requires regular upkeep for long-term use.

Getting regular hearing tests will limit the severity of a hearing loss if any. Any underlying causes can be easily identified at their early stage through these checkups. At Adro Hearing Aid, we guarantee quality through regular maintenance of your device. Even though the hearing aid price in Chennai might be a little higher, we give it to you at an economical rate. Get in touch with us for all hearing aids issues.

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