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How Certain Drugs Can Harm Your Hearing Effectively?

How Certain Drugs Can Harm Your Hearing Effectively?
How Certain Drugs Can Harm Your Hearing Effectively?

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There has always been a myth that hearing loss often occurs due to aging, genetics, or exposure to high sound levels. However, other reasons, such as medications, can cause hearing loss and are often overlooked. Indeed, taking medications above the prescribed level will always lead to issues, especially hearing loss in some cases, says the best audiologist in Chennai. Hence, this blog will explore ototoxicity and how these medications can potentially harm your hearing. Also, this blog explains how to protect your hearing effectively.

Understanding Ototoxicity

Ototoxicity is the property that certain chemicals and medications exhibit that can lead to severe damage to the auditory nerve or inner ear, causing hearing loss issues such as tinnitus. It is also essential to note that all medications will not have ototoxic effects and some fall under this category. They are,

Aminoglycoside Antibiotics:

Antibiotics are powerful and included in medicines like tobramycin and gentamicin that treat bacterial infections. Hence, taking these medications over the prescribed level can sufficiently cause damage to your inner ear’s hair cells.

Loop Diuretics: 

The medications that fall under this category are furosemide, predominantly used in treating blood pressure and heart failure. When exposed for high duration, these medications have an ototoxic effect and can alter the inner ear’s fluid level, leading to hearing loss. Also, prolonged usage of ibuprofen can lead to temporary hearing loss.

Chemotherapy Medications: 

Certain chemotherapy drugs, such as cisplatin, can effectively cause cochlea damage that leads to hearing loss. 

Quinine & Salicylate:

The compounds such as salicylate and quinine have ototoxic effects that can trigger temporary tinnitus and lead to permanent hearing loss if used for longer. 

Antidepressants & Psychiatric Medications (Of Certain Types):

Drugs like amitriptyline that are used in treating mood disorders can sometimes lead to auditory problems.

Ways To Protect Your Hearing: 

As suggested above, some medications can impose risk on hearing, and it is unnecessary for individuals taking all these medications to experience the ototoxic effect. Hence, below listed are the ways to protect your hearing.

  • The foremost step to protect your hearing when taking medications that include ototoxicity is to speak with your healthcare provider to discuss the potential risks or to look for other alternatives.
  • Ensure you follow the doctor’s recommended dosage and schedule for effective results. Also, go for regular check-ups, which can help you detect the hearing loss earlier if there is any.
  • Buying over-the-counter or self-medications without a doctor’s advice can potentially risk your hearing. 
  • So, if your medications contain ototoxic effects, avoid the exposure to loud noise for a longer time. It is advised to use earplugs or noise-cancellation devices.
  • If you are under loop diuretics medication, stay hydrated to prevent hearing loss issues.
  • Whether being under medication or not, it is essential to have regular health check-ups. Having check-ups on schedule is important for individuals with a hearing loss history in the family.

Hence, it is vital to have medication to treat various health problems, but understanding its potential risk is also equally important. It is high time that you understand the risks of ototoxicity in the medications you take regularly to prevent the potential risks. Adro Hearing Aid, one of the best Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai, are here to support you in your quest for better hearing health and a higher quality of life.

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