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Does my child have hearing loss

Does my child have hearing loss
Does my child have hearing loss

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Hearing Loss:

It’s vital to learn more about the hearing loss problem in children and sometimes in adolescents. Though it is difficult to predict anything it is better to be cautious of health issues and take prevention to help their disease that might come.

Hence if you feel your child is facing any hearing loss, it’s best to take him/ her to the best and nearest Hearing aid center in Chennai. Moreover, hearing loss issues can lead to significant speech and language delays which might prove to be detrimental for your baby’s long-term development.

You might have a lot of qualms and queries related to your baby’s hearing loss issue and when to diagnose and the overall process involved. 

You might get a bit anxious as well. But trust me, with the help of a leading Audiologist in Chennai you can be assured to get the best treatment. Make sure that your child’s hearing loss problem is treated properly as early as possible to avoid complications in the future.

Get the best-prescribed Hearing aids in Chennai from your audiologist from the leading Hearing Aid Shops in Chennai. Because you don’t want to be compromising on the quality of such an important part of your child’s hearing solution.

Though it is a bit uncommon some babies or children below the age of 5 do get mild to severe hearing loss problems. You need to be cautious throughout their growing years to carefully assess their speech and hearing ability.

Sometimes you have to consider both unilateral and bilateral hearing loss. Unilateral hearing loss is the loss of hearing from a single ear whereas bilateral hearing loss is the hearing loss from both ears. In case of bilateral hearing loss problems, you need to visit an audiologist near you at the earliest because early treatment prevents future complications.

If your child cannot hear sounds below 25-40 dB (i.e., decibels) then they have a mild hearing loss. If your child cannot hear sounds below 41-60 dB then it is a moderate hearing loss problem and if your child cannot hear sounds below 81+ dB then it is a high-intensity hearing loss problem.

Also measure how your child reacts to different pitches of sounds, i.e., high pitch, medium pitch, and low pitch. These aspects can let you measure the severity of the problem accurately. Considering the pitch of the volume is also very important for diagnosing the hearing loss problem of your child.

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