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Causes & Treatment for Hidden Hearing Loss

Causes & Treatment for Hidden Hearing Loss
Causes & Treatment for Hidden Hearing Loss

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The onset of hearing loss often gives clear signs to a person. Speech tends to be unclear and low. A noisy environment would feel like a place to avoid. So, as a rule, the person would go to the nearest hearing aid centre in Chennai to check it out. Surprisingly, the test results would not have any signs of hearing loss. Then the person might wonder what is happening and feel lost without having the right answers. This condition is called Hidden Hearing Loss. This blog will highlight the causes and treatment for this hearing disorder.

A brief look into Hidden Hearing loss

This type of hearing loss goes undetected on hearing tests that focus on issues within the ears. But, hidden hearing loss relates to a disorder with the nervous system. There is not an exact number of people who experience this issue. 

A research that spanned 16 years with 1,00,000 patient records found that around 10% had healthy audiogram results in spite of their complaints. 

Signs of Hidden Hearing Loss

A clear set of symptoms are yet to be identified but audiologists have mapped out some signs that can probably confirm that a person might have hidden hearing loss.

  • Even after getting an all-ok audiogram result, there will be a strong feeling of a problem that needs sorting out.
  • The person would prefer a quiet environment for conversation. 
  • Feeling very distracted and unable to focus on anything
  • Inability to listen to what another person is saying. The affected person might misinterpret speech in a conversation.

Diagnosis and tests for Hidden Hearing Loss

Sometimes, the regular tests may not be able to identify hidden hearing loss. But, there are other ways in which the root cause of the issue can be found. This problem would come to light through a ‘sentences in noise’ test. The audiologist will play recorded speeches mixed in a noisy environment. 

There are other tests to determine hidden hearing loss such as:

  • Acoustic reflexes
  • Air, bone, and speech reception test
  • ABR test
  • Otoscopy
  • Otoacoustic emissions
  • Tympanometry
  • Extended high-frequency audiometry

Causes of Hidden hearing loss 

Generally, aging and exposure to noise pollution contribute to Hidden hearing loss. In most of the elders’ auditory systems, even long exposure to low-frequency sounds is also a cause of this problem. As a person grows older, the synapses reduce day by day.

Another study showed that the issue might be associated with the cell that produces myelin. It is a substance that protects the brain cells in the ear. 


If a person has a slight or a mild hearing loss, then an advanced device can help the individual hear better. Many Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai would have hearing aids that can separate the background and speech with high accuracy. 

Consult an audiologist at Adro Hearing Aid to diagnose and treat all sorts of hearing issues. We have high-quality devices that will make your life better. Our hearing aid price in Chennai is very affordable compared to the market price. Our experts will provide all the assistance to alleviate your hearing problem.

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