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5 Diseases That Are Linked To Hearing Loss

5 Diseases That Are Linked To Hearing Loss
5 Diseases That Are Linked To Hearing Loss

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Generally, whenever people think of hearing loss, they never get past the ears to identify the cause. We know that this inability to hear sounds is a cause of old age, constant exposure to loud noises, improper cleaning of the ears, and so on. But, are the causes of hearing loss limited to those alone? An audiologist in Chennai would look beyond just the symptoms that are confined to the ears. It might be new to hear that there are 5 diseases that are linked to hearing loss. 

In this blog post, we will look into some health issues that contribute to hearing loss.

1 – Diabetes 

People with diabetes are 50% more prone to hearing loss. Such people will experience Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL). Those who are on the verge of getting diabetes also have a 30% chance of SNHL. 

How diabetes & Hearing loss are linked?  

The high amount of blood glucose in the body leads to Microangiopathy. It causes the tiny blood vessels to break and also thickens the walls of the blood vessels. Our ears are connected by such tiny blood vessels. When there is not enough blood flow, it can have an impact on the nerves. All these factors lead to SNHL. 

If the person with diabetes feels some difficulty with hearing, then he might need to visit the nearest hearing aid centre in Chennai to find a solution.

2 – Heart Conditions

Any person with a heart problem will have 54% more chances of experiencing SNHL. There is a part called the Cochlea that contains the hair cells to enable clear hearing. The Cochlea needs oxygen-rich blood supply through the tiny blood vessels. When the heart pumping capacity is not enough for blood supply to the Cochlea region, the hair cells deplete. 

3 – Flu 

Influenza or otherwise called as Flu can impact hearing. It is a virus that affects the ears and sinuses. In most cases, a person with this might experience Conductive hearing loss. However, if left untreated or no proper care is done at the right time, the person might have to look for a hearing aid machine in Chennai later.

Flu leads to the build-up of fluids in the eustachian tubes and the middle ear. This congestion in the middle ear does not let the sound waves pass into the inner ear. As a result, a person might feel as if his ears are blocked. 

4 – Thyroid 

The thyroid gland secretes a hormone called thyroxine. It ensures the proper growth of the Cochlea. When a person suffers from Hypothyroidism (reduction of this hormone secretion), then the cochlea development is stalled. In a study, when people with Hypothyroidism got thyroxine treatment, around 48% saw improvement with hearing. This treatment will be very effective for Noise-Induced hearing loss 

5 – Hypertension

Someone with hypertension might need to pay a visit to the nearest Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai. Know why? The high blood pressure caused due to hypertension will start damaging the arteries or the blood vessels. Our ears need the support of such tiny blood vessels. Therefore, hypertension causes damages to these tiny arteries and as a result, leads to SNHL. 

Get in touch with Adro Hearing Aid in case you experience hearing loss from any one of these diseases. Our hearing aid price in Chennai is very affordable than the other companies in the market.

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