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Idiopathic– Having an unknown cau

Inner Ear – Part of the ear that contains both the organ of hearing (the cochlea) and the organ of balance.

Impedance – an object or medium’s resistance to energy flow. A high–impedance medium will reject energy; a low–impedance substance vibrates more freely.

Impression – A mold of the concha and ear canal made by a hearing healthcare professional to assist the hearing aid manufacturer in producing a custom fit hearing aid that sits in and seals the user’s ear appropriately.

Incus (Anvil) – The middle bone of the ossicular chain.

Induction Coil – The telecoil inside of a hearing aid that is activated by electromagnetic energy coming from a telephone or assistive listening device.

Infrared – A signal used by some assistive listening devices to send sound via infrared light waves.

In–The–Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid – Smaller than an ITE hearing aid, it usually fills up a portion of the ear canal and a small portion of the outer ear. A mini–canal attempts to make the hearing aid even smaller by using a smaller battery.

In–The–Ear (ITE) Hearing Aid – A style of hearing aid in which all the parts of the hearing aid are fit into the concha or bowl area of the pinna and the ear canal.

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