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Habituation – Term used when you are no longer aware of your tinnitus except when you focus your attention on it.

Hair Cells – Sensory cells of the inner ear, which are topped with hair–like structures (stereocilia), which transform the mechanical energy of sound waves into nerve impulses.

Hard of Hearing – A term used to describe hearing–impaired individuals with mild to severe / profound hearing impairment who are not deaf.

Hearing – A sense, series of events in which sound waves in the air are converted to electrical signals, which are sent as nerve impulses to the brain, where they are interpreted as sound.

Hearing Aid – A battery–powered electronic device that brings amplified sound to the ear. A hearing aid usually consists of a microphone, amplifier, and receiver. Learn more about hearing aids.

Hearing Disorder – A general term used to describe any disruption in the normal auditory process.

Hearing Loss – Disruption in the normal process that may occur in either the outer, middle, or inner ear, whereby sound waves are not conducted to the inner ear, converted to electrical signals and/or nerve impulses are not transmitted to the brain to be interpreted as sound. Learn more about hearing loss.

Hearing screening – Simple testing of the ability to hear selected frequencies at sound levels within normal hearing limits. Screenings are used to identify people with significant hearing loss and to refer them for more detailed testing.

Hereditary Hearing Impairment – Inherited hearing loss that is passed down through the family.

Hyperacusis – Abnormal hearing sensitivity

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