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Excessive Stress could lead to Hearing loss

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Excessive Stress could lead to Hearing loss
Excessive Stress could lead to Hearing loss

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Stress could lead to Hearing loss

For the people who still think stress is something that have something to do only with our mind, this blog is going to open a whole other perspective. An excessive stress could indeed result in a Hearing Loss. With the COVID pandemic going on all around and the things that we have held dear and built so far are at big question, stress in every mind is natural. It is proven that excessive and continuous stress has been linked to several health problems, including hearing loss. Consult our recommended and the best Audiologist in Chennai to get your queries clarified.

Our body suffers with symptoms of increased heart rate and breathing, it makes your muscles ready to respond to any potential danger. It’s because of our hormonal secretions at the time of a possible threat and it’s commonly called adrenaline. When the self-defense episode is over our body is supposed to get back to a normal relaxed state. But due to a chronic stress condition, this transition will get affected and there are high risks of people not returning to normal state right after an adrenaline episode. This can often lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Such significant disorders have the potential to limit blood flow to your inner ear and affect your hearing ability. The hair cells those are present in your inner ear mandates good blood flow to perform the task of translating sound vibrations into electrical impulses which in turn are sent to the brain to be recognized as sound.

When your body suffers from lack of blood flow especially to run the actions related to the ears, their functions get destroyed at some point and thereby result in permanent hearing disability called a sensorineural hearing loss.

Thereby it is possible that your negligence with what you think as common stress could cost you the hearing ability. And without proper treatment health conditions could get even worse. So, it is wiser to seek proper guidance at the right time and by that, we mean as early as you suspect!

If you are looking for the best Hearing aid Centre in Chennai, kindly consult with our expert’s before-hand to opt for your suitable one.

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