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What Is High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

What Is High-Frequency Hearing Loss?
What Is High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss can take on many forms. For some, the loss might be in one ear while others might experience a hearing issue in some other manner. One such case is High-frequency hearing loss. As the name suggests, a person would feel difficulty in hearing sounds above a particular level, which is around 2000 Hz. This issue can affect people irrespective of their age. However, it is typically found amongst the elders with age-related problems. 

If you experience any issues, visit any one of the best hearing aid shops in Chennai to seek medical assistance. 

Let us know more about High-frequency hearing loss in this blog post.

Normal range of hearing

An average baby can pick up sounds anywhere from 20 Hz to 2000 Hz. As a person progresses with age, this level shrinks steadily. Aging would not be the only cause of high-frequency hearing loss. Constant exposure to loud noises contributes to this hearing inability. 

High-frequency hearing loss symptoms

This hearing condition is slightly difficult to discern than the rest. You need to observe for subtle changes in the way you are hearing. For instance, a person will not be able able to gather consonant sounds like F, S, H, and SH sounds. Why does the person cannot hear specific sounds like these? It is because they are more than 2000 Hz. If you are experiencing any other symptoms such as the following, consult your nearest audiologist in Chennai for professional help.

Hard to converse with children and women

High-frequency hearing loss might not be noticed until a person talks with women or children. A male voice is mostly below the range of 2000 Hz but a woman’s voice is above this range. Therefore, the receiver with this issue cannot catch on to the words clearly during a conversation with a female speaker.

Missing out doorbell and mobile ringing sounds

Even every day sounds like a doorbell and telephone ring sounds would be a little hard to hear with high-pitch hearing loss. In case you require help to listen to such sounds, get fitted with a suitable hearing aid device at your nearest hearing aid centre in Chennai once you have consulted an audiologist.

Unable to hear high notes in music

Wonder why your favorite musician’s song is not so good? It may not be a problem with the headphones or the production quality. It is because some instruments like snares, drums, and cymbals are recorded at 14,000 Hz. 

What causes high-frequency hearing loss?

Here are some causes of this hearing loss:

  • Age factor
  • Constant exposure loud environment
  • Any damages due to medication
  • Genetics
  • Unrelated diseases like Measles, and mumps

What are the remedies for High-frequency hearing loss?

The best way to be at ease and to hear properly is through hearing aid devices. Many Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai have good quality hearing aid for high-frequency loss. 

These hearing aids will decrease the low frequencies and boost the high frequencies. It will then become easy for the user to listen clearly to the sounds that he has been missing for a while.

Speak to our experts at Adro Hearing Aid to get quality assistance for any hearing-related queries. Our hearing aid price in Chennai is cost-effective compared to the rest of the market. Call us today!

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